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U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #4

January 21, 2011

Biometric Mind

Strategic tools will
manage intelligence and
safeguard collection

creep. Information
priorities will provide

of relevant text
compendia. Updates and
key field assessments:

Burkina Faso
telephone directories
are compliant with

disease taxation
issues and vice video
data trafficking.

Armed fax tactics in
North Korea subvert all

boundaries. Frequent
flyer account numbers from

require deployment
of Reliberation Force
to assist war crimes

and systematic
human rights abuses. E-
mail listings in France

reflect the results
of the misuse of famine.
Sudanese prepaid

calling cards are a
roadmap of corruption and
piracy. Very

small apertures are
maintained; food encryption is
standard protocol.

Religion is a
firewall; allocate upgrades
to protect systems.


U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #3

January 20, 2011

The Arms Posture Zone

technology is very
aggressive. Restraint

is a big picture
with a small budget and a
negative quid pro

quo. Disarmament
is hard work, but national
security is

harder work; peaceful
negotiations can fall
apart like Egypt.

Nuclear testing
procedures, even when they’re
presented clearly,

have about as much
legitimacy as a
Russian civil rights

agenda. Fissile
material is better
public relations

than all the rice in
China. Contentious issues!
Civil discussions

are not possible.
Nonproliferation is
a good story but

the simple fact is
is a better one.

Please stockpile hatred.
Moral authority has
tampered with mankind.

Reining in red ink
is tangible; reining in
Pakistan is not.


U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #2

January 13, 2011

Human Reluctance

Protection is the
situation. Expand the
engagement with drug

envoys. Sudanese
operational failure
is a strategic

narcotics land mine.
Darfur warlords directed
to combat whistle

blowers. Locally-
hired rebel groups will secure
chemical weapons

mandates. (Geneva
Convention rules reduction.)

will proliferate.
Malaria and smallpox
are priorities.

Perceived health crises
and persistent pollutants
render assistance.

Nuclear vaccines,
counterfeit medications,
reproductive fraud

and the corruption
of women and children are
not rights abuses.

Introduce stocks of
infectious bio-data.
Helicopters and

ground troops are a peace-
keeping waste. Men will be an
endangered species.


U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #1

January 7, 2011

Mugabe Carrot

Feelers about deal
that involves departure. The
writing on the wall,

is willing to step
down, take shady retirement
package, a way out

of disaster. Is
focused on forging graceful
exit, national

interest, ease out,
dignified way that preserves
legacy. Willing

to agree to go
if sufficient resources
and amnesty are

offered in Chile
or Argentina. We must
overcome mistrust

of key white business
sector or Lever Brothers
board will undermine.

Incentive: silver
“redistribution” plan and
Libyan payoff,

back-channel funds from
British and Americans.
Clock is ticking on

reelection and
ability to govern.
Zimbabwe trainwreck

not acceptable
scenario, genuine
damage consensus.

Sweeten offer and
provide real safehaven.
No opposition.