Gysinian Haikuistics® (aka The Process™) is a constrained volitional cut-up methodology formulated by Terry S. Kattleman, Moriarty Dean of the Department of Poetic Assemblage, College of Etheric Arts, Interzone University, and Chief Executive Offertory of the Society for Bingian Translational Reanalysis.

Bingian Translational Reanalysis™ is a modality of language permutation contingent upon erratic Internet translation procedures. Deus Ex Logos Machina.

Note on quote formation: Quasi-quotations, registered with the Patagonian Patent Office as Squotations™ (an e-adaptation of “misquotation”), are constructed entirely from the selected Internet quote site content of the quotee (see Incitements).

The Book of Haiku Revelation is made possible in part by a grant from the Foundation for Fundamental Findings and the generous support of the Candida Albicans Charitable Trust.

The Society for Bingian Translational Reanalysis is a 501(see)(free) organization registered with the Internal Residue Service. Headquarters: Room 101G, Department of Poetic Assemblage, College of Etheric Arts, Interzone University. Please direct all correspondence to BingianTR at gmail dot com.

All photography by TSK.


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