U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #3

The Arms Posture Zone

technology is very
aggressive. Restraint

is a big picture
with a small budget and a
negative quid pro

quo. Disarmament
is hard work, but national
security is

harder work; peaceful
negotiations can fall
apart like Egypt.

Nuclear testing
procedures, even when they’re
presented clearly,

have about as much
legitimacy as a
Russian civil rights

agenda. Fissile
material is better
public relations

than all the rice in
China. Contentious issues!
Civil discussions

are not possible.
Nonproliferation is
a good story but

the simple fact is
is a better one.

Please stockpile hatred.
Moral authority has
tampered with mankind.

Reining in red ink
is tangible; reining in
Pakistan is not.


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