U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #1

Mugabe Carrot

Feelers about deal
that involves departure. The
writing on the wall,

is willing to step
down, take shady retirement
package, a way out

of disaster. Is
focused on forging graceful
exit, national

interest, ease out,
dignified way that preserves
legacy. Willing

to agree to go
if sufficient resources
and amnesty are

offered in Chile
or Argentina. We must
overcome mistrust

of key white business
sector or Lever Brothers
board will undermine.

Incentive: silver
“redistribution” plan and
Libyan payoff,

back-channel funds from
British and Americans.
Clock is ticking on

reelection and
ability to govern.
Zimbabwe trainwreck

not acceptable
scenario, genuine
damage consensus.

Sweeten offer and
provide real safehaven.
No opposition.



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