U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Cables #4

Biometric Mind

Strategic tools will
manage intelligence and
safeguard collection

creep. Information
priorities will provide

of relevant text
compendia. Updates and
key field assessments:

Burkina Faso
telephone directories
are compliant with

disease taxation
issues and vice video
data trafficking.

Armed fax tactics in
North Korea subvert all

boundaries. Frequent
flyer account numbers from

require deployment
of Reliberation Force
to assist war crimes

and systematic
human rights abuses. E-
mail listings in France

reflect the results
of the misuse of famine.
Sudanese prepaid

calling cards are a
roadmap of corruption and
piracy. Very

small apertures are
maintained; food encryption is
standard protocol.

Religion is a
firewall; allocate upgrades
to protect systems.


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