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Metal Assemblage #6: Slipknot Song Titles

May 24, 2011

Iowa. Prelude
to the lies. The cold pulse of
vermilion, eyeless

opium people,
nothing inside, memories
diluted, they wait

for everything left
behind—only prosthetics
keep the sulfur from

surfacing like a
metabolic blister. They
welcome the anthem,

they bleed gently for
the dead, tattered confessions
in a torn circle,

spit-out skin a black
nil of disaster. Only
the nameless name of

Gehenna exists
to liberate the hated
life of no life, the

duality of
three. Abortion, a butcher’s
hook, rising like a

dogfish virus, a
psychosocial scissors, the
killer maggots of

the new ticket. I
am a heretic. Snuff me
before I am gone,

before I’m quiet,
before I forget the shape
of vendetta. The

lies continue. Do
nothing. Keep away. One piece
ends it. Execute

all. Killing is all.
This is the bitchslap wherein
hope is a shit plague.

Metal Assemblage #5: Megadeth Song Titles

February 22, 2011

Polaris lost in
wanderlust, a sleepwalker
in the universe,

a black island of
insomnia, vortex of

Polaris liar,
honor a holy poison,
dread consequences

of fugitive truth
a soul disconnect, psycho
symphony of worms.

Polaris insane,
absolution a blood dream,
the reckoning sealed,

prisoner of dead
ecstasy, punishment on
a cross of ashes.

Polaris mourning,
lungs afire, mouth burning with
the chaos of time,

conjuring a dawn
of extinction, tornado
of scorpion tears.

Metal Assemblage #4: Slayer Song Titles

February 12, 2011

Black arteries! I
am reborn in the dead skin
of a crypt, my face

a doll’s skeleton
flesh, hardening into an
eternity mask,

a chemical hell
cleanse, the hallowed head of an
angel tormentor.

I’ve got snuff eyes. Red
soul-spill stains the boundaries
of my perversion,

a threshold cast down
in fields of screaming abyss,
bitter fire’s exile.

Deviance is a
serenity serenade;
epidemic death

sex is the cult of
blood ghost sacrifice, magic
art of divine mind.

Postmortem payback—
love chapel of a painted
catatonic God.

Metal Assemblage #3: Metallica Song Titles

February 8, 2011

Shoot me, Judas! I
am disposable, leper-
scarred by the Devil’s

messiah eye, no
escape from the cyanide
fire. The whiplash kiss

of the Slither Prince—
an invisible lyric
calls to me, creeping

within like black ice.
God is a frayed phantom, failed
anesthesia, king

of the wasting fade,
lord of remorse. I roam my
nightmare memory,

bleeding hands pull the
remains of the day through the
dirty redemption

that is never death.
Trapped in the sanity of
suicide sorrows,

the blackened windows
of puppet sleep purify
nothing. Misery!

The apocalypse
monster never comes . . . There is
no cure for this life.

Metal Assemblage #1: Black Sabbath Song Titles

January 27, 2011

Funeral of an
embryo God, sweet haunting
forever of the

spiral grave. Step up
to the electric void, dream
behind the wall of

neon confusion.
Doom wears iron boots. The Dark
Priest, architect of

Valhalla, evil
cloaked in the seventh sun, wheels
into the dance of

insanity, a
paranoid war orchid of
solitude buried

under a lost cross.
Headless wasps shining in black
sunrise, born snowblind

in the thorns of an
eternal Eden, the night
dying for the sins

of the forbidden.
Kiss the illusion writ by
the warrior who

kills for the thrill of
the wizard sphinx, sleeping when
deathshock comes to the

guardian of the
universe. Vision of the
cradle of Odin’s

daughter, a bloody
gypsy finger of warning.
Nightmare of Stonehenge,

the Cardinal close
to the angel’s rusty chains.
Girl-dirty moving

parts, angry, scarlet,
the hot-machine deception
immaculate, Lord.

love dagger, voodoo heart zone,
falling over and

over into the
wishing hole. Glory star gone . . .
Father Time zero.