Metal Assemblage #1: Black Sabbath Song Titles

Funeral of an
embryo God, sweet haunting
forever of the

spiral grave. Step up
to the electric void, dream
behind the wall of

neon confusion.
Doom wears iron boots. The Dark
Priest, architect of

Valhalla, evil
cloaked in the seventh sun, wheels
into the dance of

insanity, a
paranoid war orchid of
solitude buried

under a lost cross.
Headless wasps shining in black
sunrise, born snowblind

in the thorns of an
eternal Eden, the night
dying for the sins

of the forbidden.
Kiss the illusion writ by
the warrior who

kills for the thrill of
the wizard sphinx, sleeping when
deathshock comes to the

guardian of the
universe. Vision of the
cradle of Odin’s

daughter, a bloody
gypsy finger of warning.
Nightmare of Stonehenge,

the Cardinal close
to the angel’s rusty chains.
Girl-dirty moving

parts, angry, scarlet,
the hot-machine deception
immaculate, Lord.

love dagger, voodoo heart zone,
falling over and

over into the
wishing hole. Glory star gone . . .
Father Time zero.

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