Metal Assemblage #6: Slipknot Song Titles

Iowa. Prelude
to the lies. The cold pulse of
vermilion, eyeless

opium people,
nothing inside, memories
diluted, they wait

for everything left
behind—only prosthetics
keep the sulfur from

surfacing like a
metabolic blister. They
welcome the anthem,

they bleed gently for
the dead, tattered confessions
in a torn circle,

spit-out skin a black
nil of disaster. Only
the nameless name of

Gehenna exists
to liberate the hated
life of no life, the

duality of
three. Abortion, a butcher’s
hook, rising like a

dogfish virus, a
psychosocial scissors, the
killer maggots of

the new ticket. I
am a heretic. Snuff me
before I am gone,

before I’m quiet,
before I forget the shape
of vendetta. The

lies continue. Do
nothing. Keep away. One piece
ends it. Execute

all. Killing is all.
This is the bitchslap wherein
hope is a shit plague.

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