The Bop Apocalypse, Foretold in Sun Ra LP Titles

The futuristic
future calling for purple
satellite magic.

Outer space pathways
incorporated in rock-
stop tomorrow worlds.

Angels play in the
spaceways to Plutonia
on dream monorails.

Medicine jazz for
the mythic city where noise
of freedom meets night.

Joyful melodies
on the road to Jupiter . . .
Nile moon lullaby.

Song of the second
Earth . . . Nubian cosmos and
Sirius respect.

Strange visions of the
interplanetary ark
in the blue somewhere.

universe cast in antique
media shadows.

Astro demons of
Atlantis united in
celestial nightmare.

Comet war . . . a black
rocket of discipline and
the cage of sunset.

Nuclear Janus . . .
dark equation after the
end of cosmic time.

Visitation of
the creator . . . the delight
of chaos . . . nothing.

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