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May 2, 2017

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“The Soft Machine” Machined #2

November 13, 2011

by grey strata of subways—
terminal postcard

rotting in ozone
chrysalis—sun stuttering
in all-night purple

smell of cobra jazz covered
in iron heart of

goof ball sleep—rasp of
green slimy iridescent
shit rubbing on flesh

somewhere in the cold
mouth of heavy knife time—boy
torch moving, rusty

lamp, tongue terms—round disk
of morphine, script gristle in
rooming house bathtub—

shrinking bread over
lagoon of old saliva—
village of built racks

“The Soft Machine” Machined #1

October 30, 2011

obsidian pink
of the fish city—spectral
palaces of cold

blue fluid heavy
as word dust stacked like lust in
shuttered silence—we

came out of the mud
in blue image forever
trailing patterns of

demagnetized glooms
from carnival rooms splintered
in rotting orgasm—

we all live in the
fish city—dead postcard of
a place forgotten—

muttering burlap
music, addicts waiting in
the vines—blue addicts

in the attic of
crystal birdcalls—the city
from when we had names