Kristen Stewart

My Heart is a Pillar of Free Waffles

In my spare time this
month I read the black neon
clock’s universal

values, bomb blasts or
legs. I want to clean the bones.
Your body is an

abrasive device
that spray paints every known stone,
a man example,

clear guard of solar
windows, outdoor energy,
the pane result of

a hit taken for
all. And I will attack from
the freedom pole one

day, away from the
long bamboo handles that don’t
dig their own dust, don’t

match the language of
the demon language, melting
the currents of my

drunk eyes down to my
fingertips, seeing my drum
hands shake my branches.

[via Bulgarian-Greek-Hmong Daw-Latvian-Urdu, Bing translator]

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