The I Bing: The Book of Exchanges #40

Hexagram 40: Hsieh—Deliverance

Hydrolysis is
a thunderstorm of risk-free
solutions. Heaven

and Earth pardon the
crimes of the SLA in
the earthquake at the

blame-free time of the
Ephesians. In Italy,
the stingy Southwest

minces the storm of
Jie and Zhen Ji. As it is
said: the yellow fox

eases the road to
Jeong. The softness of an
ugly solution

is a self-induced
arrow of negative Jung.
The solution of

the hallux is not
the solution of the thumb.
The public notice

of Hayabusa
is a paradox. As it
is said: bad info

multiplies like bad
people. A gentleman is
a friend to sifu.

[Original Chinese (auto-detected as Chinese Simplified) via Bing translator]


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