Sun Ra’s “This Planet is Doomed”: The Galactic Redaction

material void!
vacuumatron of Earth
a negative hole.

rash planet of war,
isolated from cosmic
spheres, chained to famine.

hideous parrot
idol—the only law is
love for salvation.

bleached skeleton, bones
stupid in the sand of a
dehydrated brain.

of shadows to authorized
reality: death.

. . .

let me synchronize
super-lightning seers with the
thunder art of time.

footsteps pattering
upon the rim on the edge
of the in-between,

the pioneering
mind, evolution of the
crystal sound herald:

chaos is music,
invisible light, music,
silence is music,

pivoting planes of
harmonious peace, music,
a vibrating fire.

sense creation is a form
of intuition;

you will recognize
the retromental spirit—
blue metathesis.

if you limit, if
you reject, pure music is
your nemesis field.

spiraled parallels—
pure sound, the living mirror
of the universe.

quiet, vigilant
silence, intuitional
intuition, from

the decision code
of the cosmo-usual
to the outer planes

of is-ness, sees the
solemn riddle, the cache of
the untuned double

beast, acoustics of
not-ness, density of the
hyperprism, hyper-

density of the
isotropic bounce
on a dimension

of infinite-dark
vibratory sun ratios.
the atmosphere is

a coplanar bridge
axis, an intermix of
rotating orbits.

tomorrow’s realm—light
years’ journey to a new shore,
world of abstract dreams.

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