Whitman Assemblage #1

A Lincoln Elegy

sorrow strikes something
deep down in melancholy
dismal tears. heavy‑

hearted funeral
rites, black-bemoaned mourning, sobs
sunk in sighing and

silence. pitiful
violent lamentation.
loud weeping bewails

weeping’s lament of
weeping. depression deplores
anguish, deplores the

deep-grieved regret of
pain of mind, passionate pain,
regret afflicted

with tender-hearted,
moving compassion. downcast
sympathy casts sad

obscurity, the
gloom of midnight, a sad shades’
gloomy tenderness,

full of pity. soul-
wept dejection, cloudiness,
grief-heavy total

darkness, serious
gloom of a partial forest.
the cloudy of mind

sunk in mind-gloom, the
night’s somber affliction mourns
burdensome distress.

extreme anguish of
body, extreme anguish of
mind. harassed by the

silent Almighty,
weighed down by torture, humble
suffering, dull shades

of deep prostration,
loud, oppressive misery,
plaintive disaster,

a calamity
of trouble and affliction,
a mournful wailing

of calamity.
distressing humility—
mute grief, eloquent.


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