The Books’ “Free Translator” Retranslated

One can see the boy
and girl control when I know
the patient’s shape, the

patient’s movement—the
day two years on, the wind, the
mouth at risk, walking,

chewing gum. Like a
black dog in the snow of an
easy sleep, I can’t

believe my eyes, my
pen a new friend to record
the hole of Adam.

Symmetric mouth and
high-speed legs, Knee-Dummies brand,
it’s a lift-up just

to count the dollars
again. The dead numbers may
not be counted. Keep

the nose and go back
to easy sleep in the hole,
my new friend. I can’t

believe your eyes and
I can’t believe my pen. A
storm girl’s solar jot,

a Lula bag of
meteorology and
raccoon hats. Plants are

speaking. They speak plant,
speaking carefully to the
sewage system tree.

[via Latvian-Italian-Portuguese-Turkish, Bing translator]

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