Faith-Mind Sutra

How good is easy?
The environment of love
and hate does exist,

clear and detailed, but
the minimum value is
ignored, limiting

Heaven and Earth. Do
you want to see the truth or
see things are preserved?

Set up your pet peeves.
Heart disease is a deep sense
of things, rest assured,

the theme installed. This
path is a large space, complete,
deficiency and

excess. Of course, we
will accept or reject the
heart of what is, both

external and fresh,
feeling inside or even
empty, just right with

God, not a valid
user. Activities try
to prevent very

hard activity,
a different God pole in
God, never knowing.

No human life is
passive activity and
failure, reference

rejected in the
denial of fact. To claim
emptiness is the

actual error.
Discussions are missing the
truth. Your horse doesn’t

think! What is unknown
to you will be back to root
in pursuit of her.

Internal moments
of truth are an addition
to the appearance

of emptiness. Why
change our ignorance of the
world-space? No searching

for the truth. Take care
of your double stops. Do not
seriously track

these activities.
This is the reasonable
nature of the soul

lost in a storm. All,
however, from that which is
not connected is

the spirit still on
the road. What in the world can
feel? You no longer

can interfere with
the ability not to.
It’s been deleted.

Delete the comments,
think vanishing objects, non-

If you lose your mind,
objects may be lost. In my
opinion, the mind

is an object. The
mind and objects understand
what is missing from

relationships. Real
uniformity is a
drum, not an empty

can. Distinguish each
in the world, rough and fine. If
bias is a good

way of life, it’s a
limited view, difficult
to make temptation

easier. ‘Higher’
equals evil. Quickly! Can’t
walk! In addition,

many ideas
are deceiving. However
you want to tell me

of your natural
defense when you’re traveling

It is in fact all
blurry, so check the burden
of your repeated

garbage. Benefits
will come based on the proven
delimiter first.

Methods to explore:
Don’t like the idea of
the world. Totally

agree that it’s bad,
man, inspiration makes you
fatter. But many

people say the law
of difference is going
to happen. Pursuit

of the heart of my
ancestors’ ignorance and

is not valid. Just
imagine anxiety,
an enlightening

favorite. Why all
the stupidity? Why dream
of flowers in the

air? Try to think of
ignorance as access and
the loss of evil.

Ignore ideas.
You have to clear the ‘never’
without eyes. Stop all

natural dreams. Keep
in mind that deviation
looks like the one truth.

Understand this is
a challenge. Leave all the barbed
wire for eternal

nature’s endless and
relationless review of
your movement. All that

remains itself does
not exist. Monotheism
does not exist. There

is no description,
there is no law, there is no
final exercise.

Even in the same
spirit as the effort to
prevent egoism,

lack faith in real life. Unique
strokes place restrictions.

Obviously, play
the power of the mind. Here
the idea of

knowledge is perceived
as imagination. There
is no world that in

fact corresponds to
the simple agreement to
mix the truth between

small trouble. Buy this type of
performance, you don’t

need to worry. Fresh
non-duality? Not from
two trust supporters!

Other than language,
you have yesterday. There is
today tomorrow.

[Hsin-hsin Ming, by Seng-ts’an, Third Zen Patriarch, via Japanese-Korean-Chinese-Thai-Vietnamese, Bing translator. English translation from the Chinese attributed to “Richard B. Clark,” by the Buddhist Sangha of South Jersey]

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