The I Bing: The Book of Exchanges #1

Hexagram 1: Ch’ien—The Creative

Dry dollars the ninth
day of every month. Hidden
dragon: do not use.

Tin dragon: do see
adults. A gentleman’s dry
all day, a watchful

tiger, no blame in
a guilt-free sky, flying deep
in time. Concubine

logistics work the
engine; a good long hang will
also benefit.

Vigorous thing to
do: announcing sufficient
justice is solid

enough, without the
stuffy, boring music, so
one cannot worry

the contrary; it
cannot be drawn. Evil is
good governance and

easy, great virtue.
The faithful German course is
inferior and

without pride. Be dry,
dry and watchful, and despite
adversity, be

without blame of cloud.
Disaster preparedness
is world governance.

The United States
is energy potential,

the poles of temperament,
leather together.

The Ephesians! Pure
essence of imperial
days, benevolent

evidence, latent,
but implicit, the seasons
of order. Play the

bypass and breach the
ghost of Robert Frost for good
or ill luck. Knowledge

in its turn, but do
not know the dead, and do not
know death. Only saints

advance and retreat
in life and death. Only saints
advance and retreat.

[Original Chinese (auto-detected as Chinese Simplified) via Bing translator]

Sourced from [dead link]

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